What is Gulden exactly?

Gulden is digital currency based on blockchain technology, this is also called cryptocurrency. Gulden is completely open source.

All Guldens are stored, paid out and/or received using a so called wallet. This of course is a digital wallet that has been installed on a computer, tablet or smart phone. Using the wallet application the user has instant overview of its balance and can easily and quickly make payments.

Every wallet has one or more addresses that you can compare with a (bank) account number on which the Gulden can be deposited or withdrawn. The comparison with a bank account number only partially holds true. Account numbers (or Gulden addresses) are being changed every time Guldens are received, this to ensure security is maintained at the highest level. This is an automated process in the Gulden wallet software. With the first generation wallets the account number changes needed to be carried out manually. The used addresses remain available and usable, it is however recommended to use a new address every single time.

A Gulden address starts with a G followed by 33 digits and letters. An example of a Gulden receiving address is:  Gh8gd4EarpTUBLWcbbs6VXBYEpqjrQBE1k

These sort of addresses are of course impossible to memorise, which is why the QR are more commonly used. The QR-code will at least contain the address but it can also contain the amount to be paid. The QR-code can be scanned using your Gulden wallet. This making the process of payment more easy.

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