What is the difference between Bitcoin and Gulden

Bitcoin, according to many people, is the standard in cryptocurrency, at least the best known. But what exactly are the differences with Gulden. Many people wonder, below is a brief overview.

Bitcoin: 21 million bitcoins, of which more than half are on the market (owned by a small group).
Gulden: 1680 million Guilders, of which 470 million are on the market (with 100,000 owners/users now).

Bitcoin: A Bitcoin transaction takes an average of one hour (6 blocks of 10 minutes).
Gulden: At Gulden now averages 150-300 seconds (1 to 2 blocks) and in the foreseeable future 0 seconds.

Bitcoin: At Bitcoin, the transaction capacity is about 7 transactions per second which cannot be increased without significant changes.
Gulden: At Gulden, the transaction capacity is now 40 per second which can be easily scaled up.

Bitcoin: With Bitcoin, the transaction fee is high, May 2019 +/- €1, which makes small transactions basically impossible. The fees are determined by supply and demand between miners and users.
Gulden: With Gulden, the transaction fee is set permanently low at €0.005

Bitcoin: With Bitcoin, fewer bitcoins come to the market after each halving.
Gulden: At Gulden, this is fixed at 92,160 per day for the next 25 years.

Bitcoin: Can be used as a “store of value”.
Gulden: Is suitable as a “store of value” and as a payment system and as a deposit savings system

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