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According to many people, bitcoin is the standard in cryptocurrency, at least the best known. But what exactly are the differences with Gulden? Many people wonder, below a short overview.

Bitcoin: 21 million bitcoins, of which more than half are on the market (owned by a small group).
Gulden: 1680 million Gulden, of which 470 million on the market (with now 100,000 owners/users).

Bitcoin: A bitcoin transaction takes on average one hour (6 blocks of 10 minutes).
Gulden: With Gulden now an average of 150-300 seconds (1 to 2 blocks) and within the foreseeable future 0 seconds.

Bitcoin: With Bitcoin the transaction capacity is about 7 transactions per second which cannot be increased without major changes.
Gulden: With Gulden, the transaction capacity is now 40 per second, which can be easily scaled up.

Bitcoin: At Bitcoin, the transaction fee is high, May 2019 +/- €1,-, so small transactions are no longer possible. The fees are determined by supply and demand between miners and users.
Gulden: For Guilder, the transaction fee is permanently set at €0.005.

Bitcoin: With Bitcoin, there are fewer bitcoins on the market after every half-life.
Gulden: At Gulden, this is fixed at 57,600 per day for the next 40 years.

Bitcoin: At Bitcoin, the founder is unknown.
Gulden: At Gulden the founder is Rijk Plasman.

Bitcoin: Who can you turn to for support at Bitcoin?
Gulden: At Gulden directly with the developers and users (go to: Gulden support)

Bitcoin: Search for Bitcoin and more than half of the news items are about darknet/black money/criminals and money laundering.
Gulden: At Gulden we try to prevent as much anonymity as possible at the Exchanges, which makes it less attractive for criminals to get involved with Gulden.

Bitcoin: 10 years and Bitcoin still hasn’t reached the general public. 10 years with a bizarre amount of capital behind it.
Gulden: In 4 years time, Gulden has already reached people who never did anything with cryptocurrency before, with a minimal budget.

Bitcoin: Bitcoin is very large and therefore unwieldy. Updates can take months before they can be implemented.
Gulden: Gulden is flexible. Fast (essential) updates are easy to implement.


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