What developments are planned for the near future?

Stagnation means decline. Gulden is constantly being further developed based on the feedback from all its users. The developments are discussed with the GAB (Gulden Advisory Board) and are communicated in slack, social media and the newsletter. Subscribe to this newsletter https://gulden.com/en/news

Furthermore, everyone can make new applications that use the Gulden Blockchain as base.

Here is another wish list that upcoming developments are driving:

– The network should always work stably and security should be self-evident.
– Gulden must be accessible and user-friendly for everyone.
– Gulden should work light, not be a heavy burden on your computer or smartphone/tablet, take up little space.
– Transactions should be instant, faster than debit cards (including confirmation).
– Everyone should be able to start using Gulden within minutes (no long synchronization).
– Everyone (world) should be able to buy and sell Gulden easily.
– Everyone should be able to trade in an accessible and user-friendly way and therefore understand where the value comes from.
– You should be able to pay with it anywhere, at least the places where you can now pay by PIN or credit card.
– You should be able to get interest by fixing your guilders.
– Everything you can now do with your euros should also be possible with Guilders.
– The Gulden blockchain should always be decentralized.
– Your Guilders must be smart and be able to “collaborate” with companies, e.g. link to subscriptions, insurance, mortgage, rent, etc.
– Guilders must be programmable, e.g., Guilders that may only be spent on certain goals or Guilders that are released after a completed task.

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