After restoring the Gulden app on my mobile, the balance remains “0”, what should I do?

That the balance remains zero may have several causes:

1. You are using the wrong recovery sentence. Even if you are sure you have the right one, it is often the case. For example, the recovery phrase of another coin or of a previous attempt on another device.
2. You once linked the mobile wallet with an account in your desktop wallet. Then your old recovery sentence will no longer work and will produce a balance of zero Gulden. Feature of this mistake is that the restored wallet will show transactions but with a balance of Zero. Then you can simply re-link the mobile wallet with the desktop account.
3. You are too impatient and do not wait long enough to complete the sync process. For a mobile wallet, this takes 15-30 minutes during which the app must remain open.
4. You misjudged/entered the age of the wallet on your mobile when installing. It is best to choose the longest time or “I don’t know”. Syncing will take longer but you are sure to sweep up everything from the blockchain.

If the above all fails to resolve the issue I would recommend restoring the wallet to a desktop. And if the recovered wallet remains empty there too you can really assume that the recovery phrase used is not the correct one.

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