Why do we believe in Gulden?

Gulden’s aim is to bring the blockchain technology to the ‘normal citizen’ by providing an unusually accessible new way of paying on a day-to-day basis. It is already well on track of becoming exactly this. Gulden wants to support the existing financial systems with the usage of this new (blockchain) technology. Its aim is not to replace the financial systems, but to cooperate with them.

Gulden is founded by Rijk Plasman who is determined to make it as easy yet effective as it can be. He is backed by a tight-knit and also very accessible community of people. The impressive roadmap (https://developer.gulden.com/roadmap/) of Gulden draws out the huge developments that are lying ahead and that will be introduced on short notice. Think of new apps, new desktop wallets and lots of functionalities that are introduced with involvement of the community.

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