What is the marketingplan of Gulden crypto?

First of all, Gulden is not a company. Gulden is an open source project initiated by a few people who are responsible for the developement of the blockchain and wallets. Marketing is left up to the community. That means you. There is no marketing management to turn to for the actions you take. 

From the community anyone can and is allowed to initiate a marketing plan or think of a strategy. It is up to you the community to step up. Great ideas that add value can be compensated from the dev budget.

For instance contact Rijk Plasman via the Slack Community: https://guldencom.slack.com or join the Gulden Marketing Channel:  https://guldencom.slack.com/messages/marketing/

Don’t use this channel to dump ideas. Every idea has already been thought of at some point. It is more important to turn ideas into actions.

That’s the way to go & go for it!  🙂

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