What can I do with Gulden?

1. Transfer Gulden
It is very easy to transfer Gulden to other Gulden users. It is also possible to pay at different merchants (like stores, bars, restaurants, festivals, cabs, etcetera) that accept Gulden or Bitcoin.

2. Pay at acceptants
With the Gulden app it is possible to pay at every acceptant of Gulden or Bitcoin, whether it is offline or online. You only have to scan a QR-code with the app, so it is extremely easy. You’ll pay with your Guldens even if the merchant only accepts Bitcoin.

3. Transfer to IBAN accounts
Guldens that are being hold in your wallet are very easy to transfer to all IBAN accounts in Europe. Some banks offer the possibility to generate QR-codes. You can scan these codes with the Gulden app and transfer your Gulden. Your money will be in your account within one business day.

4. Think of Gulden as an investment
You can of course think of Gulden as a long term investment as well or you just start your personal Gulden saving plan. It is totally up to you to decide how to use Gulden.

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