Is there a Gulden marketingplan?

First of all, Gulden is not a company. Gulden is an open source project initiated by a few people who are responsible for the developement of the blockchain and wallets. Marketing is left up to the community. That means you. There is no marketing management to turn to for the actions you take. 

So No. There is no active marketinplan. Our first priorities are with the developement of the Gulden apps and related software. When things run smoothly, marketing strategies will be a focus point. Gulden Dev team’s main concern is to provide new Gulden users the best first experience with Gulden. Users should not get stuck with non-user friendly apps and complicated procedures to get Gulden.

Do not let this discourage you from taking action. We love to hear from our community what you think about the future of Gulden: “It’s not what Gulden can do for you, but what you can do for Gulden”.

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