I lost my phone or my phone is broken. What to do?

Don’t panic! As long as you wrote down the recovery sentence during the first installation, there is nothing to worry about. With the recovery sentence you can reload your Gulden wallet on another phone or computer.

If ‘remote access’ is enabled on the lost phone, it is recommended to reset the phone remotely. This will ensure that no one can access your wallet. If you cannot do this, your wallet is still protected by the PIN code you entered. However, in case of theft it is recommended to make a fresh installation of your wallet with a new restore sentence and transfer your Guldens there so the ‘old’ wallet is empty.

Without a recovery phrase, it is impossible for your Guilder to ever be reached again, by anyone, including anyone from the Guilder community. So think carefully about where you left the recovery phrase. Maybe you took a screenshot that is still in the cloud or something.

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