Can I convert the Gulden back to Euro and if so what are the costs?

You can sell your Gulden directly from your wallet (app) if you have a verified account at .
The procedure goes as follows:
1. Copy your (verified) IBAN nr in CAPITALS and without spaces to your clipboard (clipboard) in the following format: NL81INGB0001234567
2. Open the Gulden app
3. Now you will see your iban account in the Gulden app under payment address.
4. Press the button and enter your amount. (Minimum €2 en maximum €1000)
IMPORTANT! Don’t fill in your complete balance. You need to keep a small amount in your app for the transaction fee.
The transaction fee = 0,5% +€0,25

You can also sell your Gulden using one of these exchanges: (currently has a sign-up stop)

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